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HGH, are they a boon or a bane?

Woman measuring athletic's man biceps.

High growth hormone, widely known as somatotropin in scientific terminology is secreted into the blood stream by the pituitary gland which is in the size of the pea situated at the base of the brain. It stimulates growth along with cell reproduction and cell regeneration amongst children, adults and in ...

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Tips For Curing Thyroid Nodules – Staying Healthy The Natural Way


Thyroid nodules are quite common in women and men, however it occurs more often in the former than latter. These nodules can be fluids or solid from the inside, which develop in the thyroid of a person. These nodules are sometimes visible from outside in form of swelling on neck. ...

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Trauma, PTSD and OCD


OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD as well as a host of other anxiety disorders most times happen simultaneously. PTSD has been discovered to occur simultaneously with various anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorders, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. It is imperative that you get treated for PTSD and OCD ...

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Know the working of collagen and Resveratrol as anti ageing supplements


Collagen has been playing a very crucial role in ageing of person , you wonder how it works and how collagen involve in anti- aging  or aging of any person. You might need to know about the role it plays in this process. People often run for best collagen supplement ...

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Facelift surgery

 In this era, everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful among people. Especially girls are so much conscious about their beauty and ageing process. It’s very harsh for them to watch their skin fading away during the ageing process simply. So girls are always looking for solutions to stay young ...

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Get Finest Bum Shape By The Way Of Butt Enhancement Technique


Women nowadays are very eager to have bigger booties as larger bums are in latest trend and for this women can apply any possible method. Today each and every woman seeks to have a most curvaceous figure as they observe their favorite personalities. As the buttock size is totally determined ...

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Know More about the Positive Qualities of HGH and Testosterone Stack

HGH Testosterone

At younger age, your body is capable of producing both Human growth hormone and Testosterone in the required quantity. However, as you age, the level of the hormone decreases and this might result in various conditions. Medical science has achieved laurels in producing compounds able to stimulate the required hormones ...

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