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Strokes – Signs, symptoms and treatment

Brain attacks or strokes can be one of the most life-threatening events in someone’s life. It is also referred to as the brain attack, and to stay a step ahead of such a misfortunate happening, you have to know what can trigger it. Strokes occur when a part of your ...

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How can Rick Simpson Oil help to treat Cancer?

These days Rick Simpson oil has been the quite popular oil amongst the cancer patients. Lots of cancer patients are eagerly watching the results which are yielded by RSO oil. Many of the patients are not sure whether to use rick Simpson oil or not? This question in their mind ...

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How can Essiac tea help treat cancer?

Have you ever heard of Essiac tea? If you heard about that means you will definitely come across the rumors of cancer-curing tea. Some people think it can control cancer abilities and some people think it isn’t worth to cure cancer. So, let me give my view on that controversial ...

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What is a bong and how to use it?

Smokers always loved to smoke in different ways and one of the traditional ways they use to smoke is through bongs. Mostly you all might already know about the bongs but if you don’t know means I’ll let you know in this article. What is a bong? Bongs are nothing ...

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