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Alcohol and Sexual Problems in Men

Taking a drink or two always helps men to feel more confident and even “macho-like”. But can such amounts of alcohol guarantee you being a “sex machine” in bed? Alcohol and erectile dysfunction are closely connected as sooner or later the first causes the latter. Pharmaceutical market is full of brand and generic drugs ready to help erectile difficulties (you may read about them at www.drugs-med.com). But is alcohol worth your men’s power?

What is considered sexual problem?

One of the most common sexual issues is erectile dysfunction. Failure in bed may happen to practically any man. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that everyone suffers from impotence. A man may be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction only if the percent of his failed attempts exceeds 20%. Erectile dysfunction is an inability to cause and keep an erection, which would be strong enough for sex.

Another trouble waiting for men is premature ejaculation. It’s when a man reaches climax in less than 2 minutes after penetration if not faster. Approximately 15% of men faced such a problem at least once in a lifetime.

How alcohol influences men’s sexual health?

Consumption of alcohol in moderation won’t make any harm to your sexual performance. But if the amount of alcohol you’ve drunk is more than a drink or two, you should better forget about the night of love.

Alcohol works as a nervous system depressant. It slows down all signals sent to and from our brain. Hence, even if you feel sexual arousal, your penis may not react to it. And still if you manage to make it erected, you will probably not feel all the satisfaction you might have had when being sober.

Numerous studies confirm that orgasm loses it intensiveness if the man is drunk. It happens because of worsening of the blood flow to the penile area, which deprives men of strong and lasting erection. Some men may be unable to reach orgasm or vice versa, come to the climax too fast when being under the influence of alcohol.

The choice is up to you, but I would think twice!

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