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All about Hospital Beds – Benefits of Having Them and Safe Ways to Use Them

A hospital bed, as its name suggests, is an exclusive bed that can be needed to take care of an individual who is ill. You can either rent or even buy one for use at your home. Most of these beds appear like twin bed that is made up of bulk metal parts. The bed even comes with movable side rails. So here, let us learn more about the hospital beds and things you should know to safely use it.

Why a hospital bed is needed?

A hospital bed is required if you or your family member is either ill or is recovering from illness at home. Hospital beds are either electric or manual. Electric hospital bed can be quite easier to use. Bed positions can be changed when it comes to hospital beds.

You can even raise or even lower head, foot and knees of bed. This can help the person in the bed to breathe more comfortably and easily. You may even change the complete height of bed to make it convenient for the caregivers that work with someone in the bed.

Important aspects about safety when using hospital bed

  • In case a footstall is required for the person for getting out of bed, ensure that it is stable and strong.
  • Keep wheels of bed locked at all times. If ever the bed requires moving, unlock the wheels first.
  • Put a telephone and bell within the reach of bed. It can be really helpful in case the person needs help.
  • Keep side rails up.
  • Never light candles or matches or even smile around while in bed.
  • Make sure to follow particular manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to using the bed.
  • Keep the night lights where required. It will prevent falls.
  • Check for any kind of damage to covering of all bed controls.
  • Have a careful and professional look at every part of the bed for lint and dust build up. It should be kept clean at all times.

When selecting a bed, make sure to think of your requirements along with the needs of the ones that will care for you. The above considerations will really help you a lot.

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