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An Exercise to Improve Your Eyesight


Many factors may affect your eyes, and this factors may make the eyes unable to focus or see well. However, there are also a number of things you can do to improve the health and physical wellbeing of your eyes. There is the fixed and the improved exercise. The following steps are very easy to follow, and master and they will help improve tone your muscles, although they may not treat issues that arise from cataracts or any other factor that has blocked the eye.

The following exercise is very simple, and it is of great importance, especially if you notice your eyes are starting to lose function, more so when you are using your phone, computer or watching television.

Let’s get started, shall we?

For this exercise to be successful, you will need to have the following tools:

  • A pen
  • An object that is at least six meters away

If you wish to wear your glasses, you can go ahead so that they help you focus during the exercise. Your eyes will function perfectly if they can be able to get a clear focus and doing such activity is what strengthens the muscles.

If you have a poor vision that makes it hard for you to focus on distant objects, then use an object that you can place as far as your eyes can see.

You should give yourself at least that seconds each day for this exercise. You can do even one hour, especially if you spend a lot of money on your computer.

Find the perfect distance

The first thing you need to do is to find the right distance. So, hold your pen with either your right or left hand. Make sure the tip of the pen faces towards the ceiling.

The next thing is to cover your right eye and stare at the object level with your left eye, as far as you can. Make sure the distance is at least six meters.

After that, raise the pen with the hands that hold it until the tip of the pen blocks your vision, so it is at a position you can solely focus on it. Now, put your concentrate on the tip of the pen. Gradually move the pen towards your eye until it is at a position you can focus on, and ensure the tip is facing the ceiling.


Now, move the pen back while your eyes are still focusing on it. The distance which your eyes can focus on is the distance that you should always use when exercising. Make sure the pen is always at this distance.


The eyes are some of the most important organs in our bodies, without the eyes, so many things can go wrong, and you won’t be able to do tasks in the way you would like. That is why it is vital to take good care of your eyes at all times and protect them from anything that can damage them.

For more eye exercises see the program How to Improve Eyesight Naturally by Viktor Medvedev.

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