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Anavar – The Miraculous Fat Reduction Drug

With the use of Anavar, you are sure to get positive weight loss results. This anabolic steroid plays a two-way trick, firstly it helps in building lean muscles and secondly it helps in shedding the fat. It will aid you to get rid of that fat which normal dieting and exercise cannot do away with. But when accompanied with proper diet and exercise you tend to get the best results.

Weight Loss Results

The steroid Anavar contains a synthetic form of testosterone DHT which effectively helps in burning the fat and encourages the growth of lean muscles. Scientifically it has been proved that people who have more fat, have lower testosterone levels. By taking Anavar you tend to boost the level of testosterone artificially and thus get rid of the unwanted body fat. Stacking Anavar with Clenbuterol is one of the popular ways to lose fat. When you are on a balanced diet and rigorous exercise then you can attain the fat loss results easily. Since your lean muscle mass will increase, so your overall body weight will increase but you should actually focus on the body fat and body size ratio.

How Anavar works on the fat tissue

There is a link between the role of Anavar in your body and your thyroid hormone. When you take Anavar a hormonal change occurs in your body under its influence,which reduces the body’s stored fat. Actually, thyroid has two types of hormones which affectour body’s metabolic function. Anavar causes the level of the thyroid-binding globulin, the first hormone (which helps in the formation of the fat cells) to drop. At the same time the level of thyroxine-binding Prealbumin, the second hormone rises. This hormone that occurs in our body naturally increases the metabolic rate of your body, boosts the muscle growth rate and burns the stored fat. So, the ultimate result is the fat level in your body drops and the muscle bulk increases.

Excepted amount of weight loss

The total amount of fat lost depends on factors like the quality of your diet and how well you are responding to the steroid Anavar. You can expect desired results only if you club it with some rigorous workout. However, if you don’t check your diet and keep munching on food every now and then, you can expect about only 1% of your body fat to burn in a week on taking Anavar. But if you diet hard and do extensive workout then you can expect the proper fat loss results. This expectation can be ideally around 12lbs in 4 weeks and around 20lbs in about 8 weeks. When you have a look at the before and after pictures of the professional bodybuilders, you will be surprised to see how muscular you can look by just simply losing the extra body fat. The reason behind is fat normally tends to hide the actual cut off of your body.

So, attain that professional cut without those nasty fats, by including Anavar in your daily schedule today along with a proper diet and workout schedule.

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