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Benefits of E-cigarette Over Traditional Smoking Discovered from Research and Feedback

Cigarette smoking is unhealthy, but users are opting for a friendlier alternative called ‘Electronic cigarette’. It satisfies your tobacco craving and has multiple benefits over traditional smoking.

Allows vaping in public places

Cigarettes have got a bad name because it causes health issues, smell, and healthcare costs. Prohibition on smoking in public places is increasing and users have to struggle hard for finding a place, where they are free to indulge in satisfying their tobacco craving.

Vaping regulations differ from one city to another, but are less restrictive than tobacco products. Friends and family disallow smoking cigarette at their parties, but vaping is allowed in public.


Enhances sense to smell

Traditional cigarettes decrease sense of smell, dramatically and slowly, without your knowledge. Switching to e-cigs, your nose will be open to a whole platform of aromas, which were long forgotten.

Increases sense of taste

Traditional cigarettes include tar and smoke, which hinders the sense of taste, which never got noticed. Using e-cigs, your ability to taste returns back and you start enjoying all the flavors, which you missed for a long time. Your favorite delicacies start to taste more elaborate than ever.

Enjoy favored vaping 

All kinds of traditional cigarettes with or without added flavors taste just like tobacco. Alternatively, e-cigs have an array of flavors. E-juice is available in a range of flavors including rich chocolate, refreshing mint, playful bubblegum, juicy strawberry, and more. Vaping allows you enjoy variety of flavors’, which is not found with conventional cigarettes.

Saves money

Vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking. Traditional cigarettes need to be disposed of, after smoking, but e-cigs are available in reusable and disposable form. The disposable ones last longer than a single tobacco cigarette. Reusable device needs e-juice replacement or pre-filled cartridge to upgrade.

Adjustable nicotine levels

Vaping device allows you to adjust nicotine level easily. Flavored e-juice includes nicotine with varying strengths. You can gradually decrease your nicotine level in the e-juice until you reach the stage of using ‘No nicotine’. Thus, nicotine can gradually get phased out from your vaping.


Tobacco cigarettes release smoky odor, which lingers to everything that comes in contact like clothes, walls, furniture, car interiors, and more. Kids refuse hug a person who smokes. They get recognized, as soon as they enter the room. Stale tobacco smell lasts long and is pervasive.

Traditional Smoking

On the other hand, vaping is odor-free and no one can suspect you used it. The vapour from the device does not alter the smell of your hands and hair. It never leaves a distinctive stench in your home. Actually, vaping includes vapor and not smoke.

Enhanced breathing & circulation

Smoke from traditional cigarette smoking damages the lungs and drops down blood circulation. Vaping allows you to breathe better and in a few weeks you will climb stairs without struggling. As you lungs start to heal, benefits will increase.

Fire hazard free

No combustion is needed in vaping devices. It heats the e-liquid to create vapor, but no flame is needed. There is an inbuilt system that creates friction to start the heat. Traditional cigarettes need a lighter, which can cause grave fire hazards, burn fingers, cigarette hole in clothes & furniture. These risks don’t exist with e-cigs.

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