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Naturopathic Medicine Practice and Methods in North America

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Only three terms can be used to describe naturopathic medicine in layman’s term. It can be described as a non-invasive, natural or self-healing form of overcoming illnesses. Naturopathic medicine can cure illness without the common evidence-based medicine procedures such as vaccination, medical testing, and surgery or through drugs. Despite the opposition they ...

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Bariatric Surgery


If you have been considering a weight loss surgery, or better known as bariatric surgery, then you are definitely turning towards a solution which will help easing your obesity related problems. However before we look forward, let us know first What is Bariatric Surgery? The process of Bariatric surgery is ...

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Bariatric Surgery


A bariatric surgery procedure is a type of weight loss surgery that restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold. Weight loss surgery today is done using what is referenced to as ‘minimally invasive’ techniques or laparoscopic surgery. Common procedures Exactly what is Bariatric Surgery? The most common of ...

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How to Become a Dental Laboratory Technician


If you have ever needed a filling, crown, dentures or other dental implants, then you’ve already—without realizing it—been on the receiving end of work by a dental laboratory technician. Dental laboratory technicians, or DLT for short, are just one of the career paths within the dental industry. If you are ...

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What Strains of Cannabis Help Cancer Symptoms?


There has been a lot of attention focussed on cannabis recently as an effective treatment option for certain types of cancer. Whilst the effect of cannabis on treating cannabis is hotly contested, most experts agree that cannabis works well when treating the symptoms and side effects of cancer. When it ...

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Trauma, PTSD and OCD


OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD as well as a host of other anxiety disorders most times happen simultaneously. PTSD has been discovered to occur simultaneously with various anxiety disorders like social anxiety disorders, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. It is imperative that you get treated for PTSD and OCD ...

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Know the working of collagen and Resveratrol as anti ageing supplements


Collagen has been playing a very crucial role in ageing of person , you wonder how it works and how collagen involve in anti- aging  or aging of any person. You might need to know about the role it plays in this process. People often run for best collagen supplement ...

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Facelift surgery

 In this era, everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful among people. Especially girls are so much conscious about their beauty and ageing process. It’s very harsh for them to watch their skin fading away during the ageing process simply. So girls are always looking for solutions to stay young ...

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Develop Positive Techniques and Combat Depression


Cognitive behavioural therapy can assist you to come out of negative thoughts and behavioural patterns, which don’t let depression recovery process go smoothly. Negative thoughts can slow down depression recovery process, the reason being quite obvious, if you have negative thoughts, you’re likely to remain depressed. It has been observed ...

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The Definitive List of Some of the Best Nootropics Supplements and Drugs


Introduction – Nootropics are basically supplements, nutrients, smart drugs and nutraceuticals which are believed to improve mental health and brain performance. These supplements can help the user to increase learning capacity, memory, cognitive processing speed, intelligence, verbal fluidity, reasoning, focus, attention, mood, motivation and energy. These supplement work in different ...

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