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Diabetes And Feet, What You Need To Know

Some feet conditions can interfere or even worsen a disease, and if you suffer from diabetes, there are some things you need to know. However, keep in mind that no feet pain is ‘normal’ to be felt on a daily basis, there is always a reason behind it which is why you need to visit your podiatrist on time. If you are looking for a great podiatrist clinic, you should check out orthoticsolutionspodiatry.com.au.

Did you know that the most common reason why a person who suffers from diabetes is admitted to the hospital is due to problems that are related to their feet? Well, diabetes is a disease that will cause the blood glucose levels, meaning our blood sugar levels, to be higher than normal. Because of this, there are several serious problems you can have with your eyes, kidneys, and heart.

Pay attention to what you eat

Blood sugars, circulation and sensation

These are the three main factors that cause feet problems that can be related to diabetes. When there is a decrease or a loss on the ability to feel the sensation in your feet, you should visit your podiatrist. This article will go over the usual problems with feet that diabetics have to deal with.

Damage to nerves

Many people who suffer from diabetes will develop problems with nerves, and that usually happens in their feet. Such problems are often called neuropathy. If the level of blood sugar is not controlled regularly, there will be some nerve damage. There are some cases, where just suffering from diabetes long enough will cause nerve damage on its own, even if the blood sugar levels were being controlled.

The nerve damaged that is caused by this disease will then result in a decreased ability in your feet to feel. Usually, this will start with just a slightly diminished sensation, but after that, it can progress so much that you might not be able to feel anything in your feet. If you need a podiatrist to take a look, you can contact Podiatry Randwick by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry.

If you still do not understand what this means, just imagine if you step on a small piece of glass.  The pain that most of us would immediately get to feel will lead us to remove the glass and treat the wound so it would heal much faster. Someone who is unable to feel this will just ignore it until he sees it for himself/herself, and that might be too late.

Control your blood sugar levels correctly

Poor circulation

Every bit of our body has blood running through it, which is what keeps us alive, along with other things. Well, in order for our blood to get delivered to important parts of our body, there is a huge network of blood in our body, called circulation. People who have poor circulation are more prone to pain, disability and eve amputation of their feet.

High blood sugar

People who suffer from diabetes have to keep the blood levels controlled strictly because when our blood sugar is high, there is a huge possibility that something will happen to our feet, as they do not allow any wounds to heal on their own time.

Final word

If you have diabetes, you should pay special attention to anything that might happen to your feet especially, and you should also pay attention to your blood levels. While this will not guarantee that nothing will go wrong, there is a higher chance that you will not have to deal with any additional pain.

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