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Does Your Child have a Language and Speech Delay: Speech Therapy Can Help You?

If your child is facing trouble spelling and reading, there are also various answer other than speech therapy. There are several people who think that the job of the speech therapists is to help people who are having issues in producing certain sounds or who have lisps and shutters. It is true that speech therapists do handle these kind of problem but they also help people and kids with the problems like written and spoken a language such as dyspraxia, dyslexia, and auditory processing disorder. In fact, the most accurate name for a speech therapist is speech-language pathologist (SLP).

How It Works

The speech-language pathologists are specialist in identifying the kind of language problem a kid is facing. They can determine the cause of the problem and they are also trained enough to decide the best treatment. The speech-language pathologists also help kids in building their skills by working with them in small groups, one-on-one, or in the classroom.

The speech therapist can surely help people with:

  • Fluency problems:Fluency problem is a kind of issues with the flow of speaking, such as stuttering.
  • Articulation problems:Articulation problem is like making errors in sounds and not speaking clearly.
  • Feeding problems:Difficulty with swallowing, eating, and the problem of drooling.
  • Quality of sound or voice problems:Issues with the quality of voice, volume, and pitch.

The speech-language pathologists can help treat:

  • Expressive languageproblems: Issues with speaking such as (expressing) language.
  • Receptive languageproblems: Issues understanding such as (receiving) language.
  • Pragmatic language problems:issues using the language in socially suitable ways. The speech-language pathologists use tailored strategies for every child to accomplish specific challenge, these strategies might include:
  • Linguistic intervention activities:These activities have the ability to build skills in many ways, which includes providing kids’ feedback and modeling. The speech therapist may use books and pictures or play-based therapy. The therapist may introduce language drills in order to practice skills.
  • Articulation therapy:In this therapy, the speech-language pathologist models the sounds the kid is facing difficulty with. This may involve the demonstration of how to move the tongue in a way that it creates specific sounds.
  • Feeding and swallowing therapy:In this therapy, the speech-language pathologist explains the child those exercises which help in strengthening the muscles of the mouth. This includes various lip, tongue, facial massage, and jaw-related exercises. The therapist may also use some food textures to boost awareness in the child while, eating and swallowing.

The Benefits of Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is the perfect way to help kids about how to speak clearly. The therapy helps them feel less frustrated and extra confident about speaking to others. The kids who are facing language issues can find out benefits like emotionally, socially, and mentally with the help of speech therapy.

For kids who are facing reading issues such as dyslexia, the speech therapist can help them in their hearing problem and will also tell them how to differentiate between specific sounds in words, for example, the word cat breaks down into ca, and t sounds.

It is extremely important that the speech therapist must have at least the degree of master’s in speech-language pathology. It’s best to look for a speech therapist who has passed the national exam for certification.

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