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Holistic Health: For a Healthy Mind, Spirit and Body

The concept of holistic health is not new; it dates back thousands of years. Under the idea of holistic health, the entire individual and all its aspects are considered when making a diagnosis. The major difference between holistic health and modern health care is that holistic treatment includes the whole person. It combines the mind, body and spiritual health of a person.

The Secret to Good Health

The concept of holistic health approach is based on finding a solution for underlying problems. For example, if you have regular headaches, you get an over the counter paracetamol and your headache is cured. But, we ignore to identify or acknowledge the reasons why we get headaches. It could be lack of sleep, using your mobile device late into the night, maybe you had a stressful day and it could be caused by something you ate. So by looking at the various triggers that cause headaches, any one or a combination of them could be the right diagnosis. This method allows for better and accurate diagnosis.

The Holistic Approach Includes Spiritual Elements of a Person

One of the main aspects of holistic health concept is to identify the spiritual element of an individual’s personality. Holistic experts believe that illness and pain affect the spirit that can lead to emotional symptoms along with physical pain.

The goal of a holistic approach to treatment is to aim at the spiritual healing as well. Most doctors focus on clearing the physical ailments while the spiritual aspect is not even considered. In holistic treatment, emotional and mental wellbeing is mandatory.

The Perfect Alternative Medicine

Holistic medicine is not just a traditional alternative treatment like acupuncture and homoeopathy, what makes it different is that many holistic practitioners use modern western medicine along with holistic treatment methods. The difference is that a holistic healthcare expert will try to locate the cause of the illness and focus on other elements apart from the physical condition of the patient.

Be in Control of Your Health

According to holistic belief, people have the ability to control their own well-being. Moreover, we have the ultimate ability to cure ourselves and make our mind and body better. We have the right to choose how we want our health to be. We can choose to eat healthily and avoid fast food. However, it’s our choice to eat fatty or unhealthy food, then we have to bear the consequences of such a lifestyle. So, it’s up to us to choose a suitable lifestyle that brings you closer to your surroundings and environment by being in control of our health and wellbeing.

The holistic treatment method is about putting much-needed emphasis on healing the body, mind and spirit. The healthcare professional practising holistic approach is able to focus on mental and spiritual elements and their symptoms. This method guarantees an overall healing along with western medicine. People usually have physical and emotional issues that they need to deal with; holistic health gives them a clear idea about their symptoms and the treatment.

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