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How can Rick Simpson Oil help to treat Cancer?

These days Rick Simpson oil has been the quite popular oil amongst the cancer patients. Lots of cancer patients are eagerly watching the results which are yielded by RSO oil.

Many of the patients are not sure whether to use rick Simpson oil or not?

This question in their mind has been created by medical authorities.

Even though this oil is extraction positive results still medical authorities didn’t accept this treatment and they are running lots of tests on it.

Now in this article, I am going to clear at least few patients’ doubts by saying how Rick Simpson oil can help to treat cancer.

How can rick Simpson oil help to treat cancer?

Firstly, to know how rick Simpson oil can help treat cancer. You should know what is Rick Simpson oil?


Let’s get into that,

What is Rick Simpson oil?

Rick Simpson oil is a nothing but a type of cannabis oil but it is different from Cannabis oil. This RSO is having a highly concentrated cannabis oil which is extracted from Indica strain. The oils strains in RSO oil contains high tetra hydrochloric cannabis oil which is helpful in curing diseases.

This oil is created and used by Rick Simpson that’s why it is called as Rick Simpson oil. Rick has stated that he has cured his skin cancer by applying RSO oil to cancer affected parts. From then he is trying to help others by giving RSO oil.

The patients who have been using this oil for medical treatment for over 10 years has seen some incredibly positive results.

Now, let’s see how it has helped them to treat cancer.

How Rick Simpson oil can help treat cancer?

RSO oil has helped a number of patients who are suffering from the different medical problem. Most famously, RSO oil has cured lots of cancer patients, arthritis, diabetes, leukaemia, depression and other diseases.

RSO has been made of a special cannabis extract Indica strain. This is having highly concentrated THC which is helpful to cure and defend affected cells. Here Simpson has mixed a proper portion of THC and extracted a magic of it.

Most of the studies have proved THC is having healing properties than another extract.  That’s why the THC can prevent the growing cancer cells and it also helps you to remove those cancer cells by stopping their energy.

This is how rick Simpson treated his skin cancer by using RSO oil just by applying it to the affected cancer cells. While he was using RSO many of the medical advisers asked him to stop doing that but he has done and proved it to others.

Not only that many studies have shown that RSO can help with reducing stress, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, epileptic seizures, inflammatory bowel diseases and so on.


Rick Simpson oil has been effective in treating cancer patients. But still, most of the medical authorities do reject using RSO in treatment. It is because they believe that doesn’t work in all types of cancer. So, just be cautious while using any treatment for cancer. If you are having skin related cancer means I do recommend to use RSO for sure.

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