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How Is Gastric Sleeve Resection Helpful in Weight Loss?

The treatment for sleeve resection of the stomach is becoming popular treatment for weight reduction in men and women. This treatment is prescribed for people who suffer from overweight and morbidly obese patients. These patients have a BMI of up to 60. By this procedure, their weight is effectively managed.

Diet precautions in the treatment

Patients have to follow a stringent diet and adopt healthy eating habits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Eat small amounts food as the digestive capacity of stomach is drastically reduced.
  • Chew food thoroughly.
  • Swallow your food only when it has got fully mashed.
  • You must avoid eating and drinking together. Your smaller stomach won’t be able to handle liquids and food at the same time.
  • Liquid can be drink either before or between meal.
  • Post eating, one should not lie down or rest. As sleeping in a horizontal position can lead to formation of acid reflux.
  • Eat many small meals every day. This enables patients to eat wide varieties of foods, and even avoid hunger pangs.
  • Avoid calorie rich beverages such as soft drinks, milkshakes, and hot chocolate. You can drink coffee, tea or fruit/vegetable juice after diluting it with buttermilk or mineral water.

Dietary recommendations post-surgery

  • After successful execution of the surgery, patients are allowed to consume any amount of tea, with soup for dinner and lunch.
  • Breakfast may include tea or coffee, with a slice of bread.
  • Lunch menu comprises of small amounts of mashed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and mashed meat. You can go for yogurt or fruit in puree form as in-between meal snack.
  • Dinner can include porridge, a sandwich or applesauce. Beverages can include coffee, tea, mineral water and diluted fruit juice.
  • Solid food is allowed till patient responds well to this diet menu. Some of the foods that you can choose are potatoes, fish, chopped meat and vegetables.

Precautions to be taken after treatment

Like any other surgery, gastric sleeve resection can lead to formation of several risks and complications such as bleeding, pneumonia, or infections. After the operation, patients are advised not to lift heavy objects for 2 weeks after the procedure. Also, aspirin or anti-rheumatic drugs should be avoided as it can cause irritation in the stomach.


For the outcome to be long lasting, it is advised to eat many small meals every day that are devoid of snacks, and high-calorie beverages. By following all these precautions religiously, a person can achieve and sustain healthier weight for a long time.

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