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How long does marijuana stay in urine and how to get rid of the THC?

The usage of marijuana is increasing each day since it is decriminalized in many countries along the world, and also, it is one of the most used substances which are being bought on the black market. But in order to understand the reason of an activity such as this, and also, be aware over the side effects which may be experienced, you must take care over getting informed and read more articles provided by certain scientific researches from trusted sources, such as this one. But in order to be more familiar with the basic things, along this article we will provide you some information linked with the basic things which should be known when it is a matter of a regular, or recreational usage of marijuana, and after that, we will give you some advices in order to help you get rid of the THC’s traces which will be present inside your urine. By this, you will be safe from harm when it is a matter of taking a certain risk of losing your job if a certain test is being performed.

What is marijuana and how is it used?

Marijuana, or also known as cannabis, is a certain plant which is being used a lot these days. The most familiar usage is the one which is made by collecting the flowers and drying them, after which they can be smoked, or a THC oil can be made. But also, from the same flowers another oil is being made, which is another form of this drug called hashish. And no matter if you’ve used the regular option, or decided to use the resin, once a test is performed over your urine or an example of your hair, you will be positive as on THC. It is the short term that stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is the main ingredient that is responsible for the good effect which is experienced once this drug is being consumed. It is linked with a feeling of relaxation, mild happiness and euphoria. But on the other hand, some users are experiencing panic, increased anxiety, and some other unpleasant feelings, so you should keep this mind if you have decided to try this substance for the first time. It is mostly used by inhalation, even though there are many people using it by collecting the oil and preparing edibles out of it. The effect of the first usage is shorter, but the other one will last for an hour. But we suggest that you take a look over the health risks which can occur by the usage of a substance such as this, including the fact that the frequent usage can cause a short term memory loss problems.

Getting rid of the THC in the urine

If you already are a user of this substance, probably you are wondering for how long it stays inside your organism. The truth is that it can last up to three months, but this period of time is different since it is usually staying longer inside your hair, while it is gone out of your urine up to 70 weeks, and it differs over the frequency of its usage. This means that if you are a regular user, you may need a lot of time for detox, while if you are smoking only couple of times per week you will be clean in a couple of weeks. But if you are in need of performing a very important drug test which can mess up your career, we suggest that you take a look over the following article http://www.healthtransformation.net/drug-testing/how-long-does-marijuana-stay-in-urine/. Keep in mind that getting rid of the presence of THC inside your urine isn’t as easy as you think, and in order to pass the test, you may need to think more over finding an alternative when it comes to that, such as switching the bottle of urine, or simply deciding to use a synthetic one which can be easily mixed. But however, once you are aware over the estimated time needed in order to get clean, you can think over making a detox period and staying clean.

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