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Is veganism the best way to lose weight?

Previously, it used to be only fit for college students, people who named their kids after planets and for the yoga instructors but as veganism lets go of all animal product from milk to beef to even honey, it is presently the hottest diet trend in the world and that too for a very good reason. As per the latest research, it is seen that veganism is the best way to lose weight.

However, totally surrendering on eating animals is sometimes tricky and this not only because we sometimes crave for an occasional bacon burger. We also know that animal products are the primary source of protein and other vital nutrients like vitamin D. If you think you will lose weight eating like a vegan, you’re right but here are few tips to go about the best way.

Replace your meat with the right veggies

If there can be one happy rule of veganism, it is that you shouldn’t pretend you’re eating meat. No matter how much you feel the urge of gorging on cow or chicken, you should tactfully replace it with something veggie. Stick to a veggie-based protein and some grains and keep in mind that they’re taking you closer towards your weight-loss goals. You will gradually start discovering new and better flavors which can help you slim down.

Watch out for all sorts of carbohydrate bombs

In spite of the big health halo which is surrounded around the vegan restaurants, the bread there is simply bad for you. Vegans usually involve in this lousy trade of replacing fat and protein with empty carbs and restrain yourself to just 1 small piece per meal. If you thought vegan sweets are healthier, don’t fall into this trap and there are some vegan desserts which can end up with more fat than the normal ones.


Try taking powder

When you’re on a vegan diet, you won’t be able to eat or drink egg or whey protein and this is probably the biggest reason behind losing weight. In fact, according to research, people who ingested more amount of plant protein were less vulnerable to metabolic syndrome. Another research by Nutrition Journal found out that plant protein intake also plays a vital role in preventing all forms of obesity.

Drink low-fat smoothies

Studies also reveal that low-fat smoothies are extremely effective at sending nutrients to your muscles and the blended fruit drinks which include fiber tend to keep you full for a longer time. To avoid inflammation caused by milk products, keep it vegan and make it with a non-dairy base.

Therefore, if you’re desperately trying to lose weight, make sure you adopt this vegan diet in order to stay on top of your health.

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