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Make Your Hands Younger With These Tips

Your hand is a very precious part of your body that deserves special attention. Experts in skin care suggest that you care for your hand in the same manner you do for your face. Ironically, studies reveal that hands are among the first parts of the human body to age, given its constant exposure to weather elements, chemicals, and other hazardous conditions that may lead to early damage of the skin around them. The skin on the back of the hand is also thinner than that on any other part of the body, making it prone to damage.

With this awareness, you may want to find out how you can protect your hands from damage so you may have healthy, younger-looking hands even in your advanced years. Here are simple ways you can implement to nourish your hands and have healthy hands without paying hundreds of dollars.

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Consider cheap but quality hand care products

While many hand care products in the market are expensive, you can get cheaper versions of hand lotions or Vaseline to rub on your hands on a daily basis. Remember your skin needs nourishment in order to keep young and fresh. Keep a tube of lotion with you at all times to use at work or at home. Get more information on skin care products at www.skincareheaven.com/.

Consider natural ways of exfoliation

As your age increases, your skin ages in the same proportion. Removing dead cells and old skin on your hands is one way to keep them younger. For the best results, use a salt scrub or a mixture of homemade sugar and olive oil. The process should be able to give you a smooth, glowing skin that leaves your hands younger.

Prevent age spots and wrinkles by using sunscreen

Use the right version of the product, preferably one recommended by a dermatologist. Remember to apply sunscreen on your hands and body before you go out in the sun and reapply if you need to.

Eat the right foods to improve your skin

Nutritionists suggest that vitamin A can help in building your skin tissues, while vitamin C and E can help with sun damage. Foods rich in Omega-3 may also prevent wrinkles in your hands. For healthy nails, you need to eat enough protein and calcium, at least 1500mg in your diet each day. Vitamin B also helps to build your nail thickness. Get the right sources of these foods to supply your body with the right elements necessary to build your skin, especially around your hands.

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