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Naturopathic Medicine Practice and Methods in North America

Only three terms can be used to describe naturopathic medicine in layman’s term. It can be described as a non-invasive, natural or self-healing form of overcoming illnesses. Naturopathic medicine can cure illness without the common evidence-based medicine procedures such as vaccination, medical testing, and surgery or through drugs. Despite the opposition they face in Canada and the United States, naturopathic doctors are becoming popular and are strongly pushing for the recognition by the medical community. Naturopathic medicine has being practiced since the 19th century by the Natural Cure Movement of Europe. In the United States and Canada, naturopathic medicine was introduced by Benedict Lust and John Scheel.

Naturopathic Medicine Practice
Like earlier mentioned, naturopathic medicine does not indulge in drugs and surgery. Instead, it focuses on the ability of the body to heal itself naturally. Physicians who believe in this medicine believe that diseases can be contained by containing stress and adopting a better lifestyle. The other major belief in naturopathic medicine is that diet plays a key role in the health of an individual.

You may be wondering how a consultation looks like for a patient by the naturopathic physician. Well, these physicians begin by conducting a lengthy interview with the patient focusing on critical issues like medical history, lifestyle and even conducting a physical examination. The physician may even study the emotional tone of the patient and the physical features of the patient. However, due to changing times and technology, naturopaths are now performing the tasks of primary care providers. In this new role, they have accepted that drugs can be used to treat diseases. They have also accepted that surgery can be carried out on a patient. However, they remain completely opposed to the administration of antibiotics and vaccines.

Naturopathic medicine methods
While we have talked about stress reduction and diet as the common methods used by naturopaths, there are other methods being used in the United States, and they include traditional Chinese medicine, massage therapy, hygiene, Rolfing, and reflexology. Other commonly used methods include psychotherapy, ozone therapy, iridology, chelation therapy, applied kinesiology, and homeopathy. A naturopath will advise you to expose yourself to natural elements as they can be very therapeutic. These elements consist of the sunshine, fresh air, and nutritive advice. Among the most recognized naturopaths in the United States is Dr. Amanda Brimhall of Waterfront Wellness .

Naturopathic Medicine Practice

Natural treatment
When it comes to nutrition, naturopaths recommend whole food diet and vegetables. They also recommend the patient to stay away from fatty foods, sugar, and even alcohol. They believe in relaxation, meditation, and exercise. Only 17 States in the USA have allowed naturopaths to practice while only five provinces in Canada allow the practice. To become a naturopath, a doctor must pass several examinations such as the naturopathic physician licensing examination. This examination is administered at the end of a program that can only be offered by an accredited institution.

In naturopathic medicine school, students are taught basic medical diagnostics and how to carry out basic physical exams. They are also accustomed to many pseudoscientific modalities such as energy modalities, acupuncture, and homeopathy. They are also taught how to carry out common blood tests.

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