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New Cancer Drug Therapy Being Studied

According to the American Cancer Society, the odds of any one person developing cancer in his or her lifetime is about one in 2 if you are a male and one in 3 if you are a female. But there is a new experimental cancer therapy that shrinks tumors by correcting the metabolic peculiarities in cancer cells. This drug DCA or dichloroacetate does kill cancer cells, both in lab research and in patient. Although whether it can reverse growth of tumors without harming the patient is still yet to be determined.

New immunotherapy

This new immunotherapy cancer drug is being used in protocols at many cancer treatment centers around the globe. This cancer therapy restores the patient’s own defense and immune mechanisms that will recognize the cancer cells and destroy them. This is the result of far-reaching scientific and clinical research and is now internationally known because of its remarkable rate of remissions in both long-term standard and advanced therapy-resistant cancers.

Extensive studies

 This immunotherapy is based on extensive and comprehensive studies that were developed in Germany where there is the world’s first hospital dedicated only to immunotherapy based treatments using DCA for cancer.

North America

 In North America this therapy for cancer programs have achieved continued cancer remission even when the mainstream medical community was not embacing its use. Today, this immunotherapy is considered the most advanced of all treatments for cancer.

Clinical trials

 The 1st clinical trial was small and involved patients with cancer of the brain or glioblastoma, and was quite encouraging. The results of this clinical trial were published in the Science of Translational Medicine in 2010. There is still much work to be done before DCA can be announced as perfectly safe as well as effective in cancer treatment.

Cancer Drug Therapys

Interesting aspect

 One aspect of DCA which is interesting is that it is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Non-patentable molecule
  • Minimal value to drug companies

Making it of little value to drug companies that profit off patenting expensive new drugs. But due to lack of funding clinical trials are slow to develop and results are slow to publish.

Be informed

There currently are 3 clinical trials using DCA to treat cancer and all three are recruiting participants. Some of these studies add DCA with other chemotherapy as well as radiation which are all known to have effect that can be damaging in the body. But, if you do have cancer and wanted to be in one of these studies, you need to research and understand what information is out there before making a decision about the benefits versus the risk of using this experimental treatment.

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