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Success Guide To Happiness

The other day, I was reading the World Happiness Index Report 2016 by UN. It ranks countries by measuring the happiness level of people, which is regarded as the indicator of the quality of human development.

Besides, there were many indicators and measures for collecting happiness data, but what significantly strikes my mind was how one can measure happiness? Is there any guide to happiness?

Where, countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, andFinland respectively, marked top five positions in the ranking. India was staggering lagging behind at 118th rank among 157 nations.

Although, there are several factors and measures on which the calculations were made based on data collection. Despite all these facts, which made me, think the most that how one can measure the happiness?

However, there cannot be any guidebook to follow to bring happiness. But, yes, a few thingsthat one can relate to is for sure a success guide to happiness,and it can be anything, such as:

  • Learning new things in life: Trying to learn a new thing, it will help you attain happiness. When we were child and learning to make art, reciting poem, all these give us immense pleasure. Hence, bringing the sense of achievement of learning something new always brings happiness.
  • Reading booksand more books: Reading is something that takes us to a different level of happiness. It takes us to a new world, imparting knowledge and wisdom.

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  • Watching movies, cartoons, plays, sitcoms: While watching something, we get so engrossed that we forget about worries and reach to the level of happiness that make us relaxed and we become stress-free.
  • Playing your favorite sports: From our childhood, we tend to develop love for some sports. Even trying some adventure sports also reflect our happiness and excitement.
  • Eating your favorite foods: Food is bliss. Be it cooking for someone or eating. Hungry stomach craves for food, but when you get something, you love the most gives you bundle of happiness.
  • Travelling, visiting new places: Exploring new places, travelling and going to places where you have never been to gives you the feeling of happiness.

It includes anything/everything,whatever you may like to do. Never hesitate. Doing that thing will give you mammoth of happiness. It may vary from one person to another and can be similar too. But, you should try what makes you happy, is a success guide to happiness.

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