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The Side Effects of Winstrol in Women

Surprisingly, men are not the only ones who are interested in bodybuilding. A lot of women find it very interesting to have a muscular body. This is why women also take up steroids to achieve this. One of these steroids that women had been taking is the Winstrol.

Winstrol, which is also known as Stanozolol, is a steroid which is also a derivative of Testosterone. This steroid has anabolic properties that make it very powerful and dangerous to use. In recent studies, they show that Winstrol has some very serious side effects on women. Here are some of these side effects.

Voice Deepening

A side effect of Winstrol that may turn permanent is the deepening of the voice. Women have high-toned voices that make their voices soft and sweet. But with Winstrol, the tone of the voices of women is lowered. It may reach the extent wherein the female user will have the voice of a man.

Acne Prone

With the presence of Winstrol in the body, many pores are clogged because of excessive oil. This due to the fact the Winstrol increases the production of oil glands in the body. This makes the pores clog and have bacteria build up. These can cause pimples to appear not only on the faces but also all over the body.

Decrease of Feminine Features

Winstrol can also decrease some feminine features. It can shrink the breast. This can occur because of the development of muscles in the chest area. Another feminine feature that will decrease is the woman’s curvy body. Winstrol can broaden the hips making the body proportionally aligned and prepared to gain the bulky muscles.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Another side effect is the irregularity of the menstrual cycle. Women may experience a two-week menstruation delay to a two-month delay. There also some cases that women no longer experience menstruation since they have taken Winstrol. Luckily, this is not a permanent effect since this may return after a few months of discontinued use of Winstrol. However, during the Winstrol cycle, women are less likely to conceive a child. If they, however, manage to conceive a child, they are more likely prone to experience miscarriage and death of infant upon birth.

Instability of Hair Growth

Another alarming side effect of Winstrol on women is the instability of hair growth. Women who are using Winstrol are likely to experience mild to extreme hair fall. There are more hairs that fall out rather than hair that grows. Women will also experience hair growth in other body parts. They are likely to grow hair on the armpit, legs, and arms. They can also grow a beard and a mustache.

With these alarming side effects of Winstrol on women, it will definitely be safe for women to not use Winstrol. There are many steroids that can offer the same benefits on women without the alarming virilization effect. Winstrol or Stanozolol is more appropriate for men to use. To know where to buy Winstrol online, please click stanozolol prodej.

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