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Tips For Curing Thyroid Nodules – Staying Healthy The Natural Way

Thyroid nodules are quite common in women and men, however it occurs more often in the former than latter. These nodules can be fluids or solid from the inside, which develop in the thyroid of a person. These nodules are sometimes visible from outside in form of swelling on neck. However, in most of the cases, it’s deep into the thyroid and can be detected only by ultrasound.

Thyroid nodules are of various sizes and appear as one or in pair sometimes. Most of these nodules are non-cancerous with only 5% cases of being cancerous. At times, patients are advised to go for radioactive iodine treatment or surgery for treating nodules. However, there are some easy remedies that you can be adopted for treating nodules at home. By following the below mentioned tips, you can shrink thyroid nodules naturally.

Remedies of Thyroid Nodules

  • Consume Seafood Regularly

Basically, seafood is high in natural iodine. By consuming seafood on a regular basis will give extra iodine to your thyroid gland. This is the best cure for thyroid nodules since iodine plays an imperative role in treating them. Therefore, include fish and shrimps in your daily diet. Eat lots of oily fish and other seafood that you like.

  • Don’t Eat Mucus Producing Food

If you are suffering from thyroid nodules, avoid taking¬† too much mucus. For this, you shouldn’t eat mucus producing foods like deep fried foods, processed foods, dairy products and margarine. This change in your diet will surely improve your condition.

  • Cut on Sugar Intake

In case you are suffering from thyroid nodules, excess sugar intake can worsen your condition. This is because high levels of sugar in your body reduce immunity and increase inflammation in your body. So, it’s beneficial for you to cut on your sugar intake or eliminate it completely from your diet. This is one of the best cures of thyroid nodules, which prevents their enlargement.

  • Ginseng

It is a natural herb used for decades in Chinese traditional medicine for treating various ailments. This herb contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which assist in treating ulcers. Taking it on a regular basis will reduce the size of thyroid nodules. Besides this, it helps in relaxing you and gives you a feeling of well-being. Taking ginseng extract every day will help in curing your thyroid nodules.

  • Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are beneficial in reducing the formation of mucus, which in turn cures thyroid nodules. Therefore, eat lots of citrus fruits like oranges, limes, lemons etc. daily since it will assist in reducing the nodules size considerably. You can take these fruits in juice form or as whole. Additionally, you can add these fruits to add flavor to your tea and enjoy the best health results.

  • Fatty Acids

These acids are highly beneficial for treating thyroid nodules. They reduce inflammation and maintain tissue health. You must include fatty acids in your usual diet. Seeds and nuts are the best source of fatty acids and therefore, should be an essential part of your diet in case you are suffering from thyroid.

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