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Typical Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Amid the severest Neurodevelopment and brain disorders, Schizophrenia has been identified as a major one. The brain based mental disorder typically affects the victim in the way he/she realizes things, behaves or visualizes everything that happens around. As per the opinion of Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD that commonly found form of schizophrenia is referred to as paranoid schizophrenia. Individuals suffer from paranoid schizophrenia face a changed or indistinct perception of the realities. For example, most people having schizophrenia may think, hear or see things that do not at all exist. They often found talking to invisible characters, start believing that others are making conspiracy and trying to harm him or his/her loved ones. They often feel that they’re being watched by others constantly.

Eventually, this brings problems in relationships as well as in performing their normal daily activities. Many suffers choose the way of consuming alcohol or other drugs as an attempt to self-treatments. People who come across the deadly affect of schizophrenia are commonly found to withdraw from the relations, associates and within a few months they make them fully isolated from his/her world. Attempting suicidal actions is a widespread incident.

With advanced treatment systems and management concepts, effective treatment options are there. Furthermore, management options are all time improving, so there in nothing to take panic, in case you’re detected with such problem. What is important that you should consult with a seasoned professional specialized in Psychiatry, Neurology and neurodevelopment disorders. The problems of schizophrenia is very much episodic, thus, there is a phase when a person can realize his confusions and about unrealistic thoughts.

When to meet a doctor

Among some early signs of paranoid schizophrenia, people seem unmotivated, strange and emotionless while they begin isolating them from family members, friends and relations. If your loved one shows same kind of symptoms, says abnormal things and shows reluctance in the way of life, please observe the issue more closely.


People with schizophrenia are commonly found to abandon their great hobbies like listening to music, studying books or engaging in outdoor activities. It is, at the same time for professionals, housewives or students the impact of the disorder affects their area of performance greatly. Among different types of symptoms characterized by psychiatrists among people having schizophrenia include Hallucinations, Delusions, Strange/ Irregular behavior, disorganized speech and other negative symptoms.

  • Delusions: Delusions typically involve illogical fantasies or ideas.
  • Hallucinations: Hallucinations are different sensations, sounds that a person experiences and considers as real, even though that exist only in their minds only.
  • Disorganized speech: Makes difficulty concentrating while people are found in responding to unrealistic things, speak incoherently or speak irrelevant.
  • Strange behavior: Mainly impact on daily activities related to professional life, family functioning as well as in academic activities.

 Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD says that it’s an ideal period of time when a victim can undertake a series of self-help techniques that help lessen the acuity and length of next episode. Numbers of people with schizophrenia have received great results following this management procedure. Apart from physician’s guidance; self analysis, self-help, support of family people and medication can effectively control their symptoms and help them in leading rewarding lives.

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