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What is a bong and how to use it?

Smokers always loved to smoke in different ways and one of the traditional ways they use to smoke is through bongs. Mostly you all might already know about the bongs but if you don’t know means I’ll let you know in this article.

What is a bong?

Bongs are nothing but the water pipes which are used by cannabis smokers. They use a bong to enhance their experience of smoking and also to cool down the inhaled smoke.

People who smoke cannabis will definitely know about this bong and how to use it. Now if you are new to bong means how to use it.

Usually, the smoking through the bong is one of the most popular ways of smoking cannabis. The bongs are in different shapes and sizes. They are made of different materials such as glass, plastic, wood, clay, bamboo and ceramics.

No matter what they are made of or what they look like they all work in a similar manner. They are just water pipes which are used to inhale the smoke.

Structure and components of the bong:

Usually, there are several basic parts to every bong. Let us know about the basic parts of the bong.

  • Bowl:

Every bong will have a bowl which is attached to it. This is a bulbous attachment where you generally keep the dried flowers and then combust.

  • Carb hole:

There will be a small hole in the bong which allows the users to clear smoke from the chamber of the bong. Usually, all glass bongs have a pull or slide carb now you can see this hole when the bowl is removed.

  • Downstem:

This is a tube which allows smoke to travel from the bowl to the base. Downstem allows the smoke to be percolated through the water.

  • Base:

The bottom of the bong is base. Usually depending upon the model it will be in different shapes.

  • Tube:

Finally, the tube is the thing which ends up in your mouth. It is the chamber which fills the smoke after it has percolated through the water. Latest bongs have different kinds of twists on the same splash guards. And they are called as “ice-pinches”.

How to use a bong?

Now, coming to the usage. Bong is a friendly way to smoke. Here you put water or ice in the pipe to prepare it. Then you have to pack the bowl after that place your lips around the tube.

Then flame the bowl and cover the hole on the tube to ensure that smoke flows into your mouth. Simple inhale the smoke and enjoy the kick.

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Might you be thinking about the advantages?

Let’s see them,

Advantages of bongs:

The main reason people use bong because it can simply filter and cool the smoke. Along with that, it offers smooth draw even when you inhale more smoke. Bongs also offer percolation which maintains the experience of the aroma flavours.

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